osgrid Scripts


I will start to collect scripts and post them here.

The scripts should be tested as working by you, then send in via email with a short description whatfor the scripts are intended.

I will re-evaluate the scripts , and if successfull post them here with some additional information.


The format for the scripts information will be:


Scripts name xyz  
Purpose 123  
script lanugages used lsl, oS, C#  
important settings for region allow function xy  
test on SVN1234  


-->  Please send all scripts you found working by email to  ralf (at) ralf-haifisch.biz .

--> if you prefer to have your email/website listed, let me know

If you are looking for a general status on scripting, read the article from Jani or look into opensim-website.


scripts received by email so far

the following people did send in tested scripts so far:

- Gerd aka Snake Ewing  @ osgrid

- Michelle Argus @ osgrid

- Eric aka Nolo Ethos @ osgrid

-  Christopher aka  Jamenai Luik @ osgrid



basic door   14.3.09
color code helper   14.3.09
cleaner   28.3.09
content giver   14.3.09
landmark giver   14.3.09
play sound   14.3.09
visitor list   14.3.09
rotate at 5    
4-button-prim   28.3.09
Grafitti Board    
Randomly moving prim    
rotate along axis (door)    
picture frame    
sit ball