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Opensim is a opensim specialised subdivision of the cybertech news blog.  Its about development, technologie and use cases.  CTN is now beeing migrated to .

Justin is one fo the core developer of opensim. You will find nice weekly summarys, besids other articles.

virtual worlds business newspaper



even more:

Hippo 0.4 for Mac  HippoO ... er-040.dmg


command line switches for Linden-based Viewer:


precompiled binaries, twice a day - and (allmost) stable version


Important Wiki pages:   (the "new" LSL-alike functions we have)


SVN-Tracker:  Release (note) tracker


HowTo´s  quite a lot different topics

Virtual wallet V$




Tools  Use it to startup opensim in Stand alone/Grid mode.


Interesting Projects  Intels performance wiki 


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